Who Am I?

Who am I?

I am an orderly man. I like to put things back where they belong. That way, I can easily find them when I next need them. 

I am a man who likes to watch old movies with the sound turned down, as if I was deaf and had to understand what was happening just by the body language. 

I am a man who is relentless at improving myself, spending my waking hours thinking about how to write well.

I am a man who wishes he had two lives to live. Time is now short and there is so much to do.

I am a man of simple habits. I do not smoke, I drink occasionally, I walk, I write, I fence, I read, I run, I draw, I listen, I watch and in these moments, I sense a world of opportunities.

I am a man who works at writing clearly and honestly about what I believe. Sometimes I have no interest in subjects that others find important. Is that something I should worry about?

I am a man who attempts to articulate my point of view based on what I believe, in this time and place. This is who I am.

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